About TCMM

TCMM (Tech Communique Multimedia) is a specialized Business to Business (B2B) media company based out of New Delhi. It is a solution provider offering unique products and services for Home Textiles, Rugs & Carpets, Home Decor, and Contract and Commercial Textiles, across their value chain, with a focused approach to each sub-segment of these industries.

TCMM is involved in B2B Publishing (The Textech Communique & Floortech Communique), Trade Shows (Home Fashion Technology Week), Conferences and Events, and also in providing Advertising & Communications and Market Development Services with a global reach. The rapidly growing Home Textile, Rugs and Carpets and Contract & Commercial Interiors are area of special focus for us.

Our services are based on thorough understanding and experience of these industries, their markets, Technology and competition scenario at all levels.

TCMM believes in and undertakes constant industry & market research, analysis of global economic scenario, understanding of Indian and international industry, market and fashion trends and updated information on emerging technologies. Our teams travel across the world, including US, Europe, Australia and China, to keep abreast of changing manufacturers, consumers & business scenario with product innovations.

The company has pioneered a number of B2B events, products and services that address the immediate and long-terms needs of players across the value chain, for Indian and international markets. Our publications and services have global perspective.

TCMM works closely with Indian and international industry professionals, domain experts and manufacturers. Our clients include manufacturers, exporters, importers, brands, governments, institutions, Export Promotion Councils and Trade Associations.